September 29-30,
October 01, 2020
Pagrati Maidan, New Delhi, INDIA.

September 29-30
October 01, 2020

Concurrent Expos

Three- Day Conference- Mobility: Smart today, Smarter tomorrow

Opening session

  • India’s Future Mobility plan
  • Global trends in Future Mobility
  • Infrastructure development : Finding a balance between Funding and Financing

Safer Roads for Faster Mobility

  • Technologies for Highway safety
  • What are Concessionaire’s doing on road safety beyond what is prescribed in Concession Agreement? How Enforcement aspect can be dovetailed into Concessions?
  • Highways or highspeed corridors?
  • Smart Tunnels
  • Emergency Vehicle Priotisation

Urban Transformation & Mobility

  • Next Level of Connectivity
  • 5G, the network of the future
  • V to V and V to X

Emerging Technologies:

  • Blockchain
  • Highspeed rail
  • Hyperloop

Mobility for Health:

  • Cycle Path
  • Pedestrian Path
  • Zero Emmission
  • Safety
  • Healthy Public Transport

Public Transport

  • Co-existing of Metro rail and Buses
  • Open Loop Payment System


  • ITS: Where does India stand in term of understanding, training, policy and implementation
  • Data analytics and management of Information; Case studies
  • Challenges in Big data management
  • Connected ITS for Freight, Fleet management and logistics optimisation
  • MaaS – International Experiments; framework for widespread deployment of MaaS
  • Connected ITS for safety and traffic management
  • Public Transport network planning and scheduling
  • Satellite technology applications for mapping


  • Current trends in identification, reservation and payment for parking
  • Parking solutions for residential, commercial and industrial clients – challenges in implementing space maximizing benefits

Sustainable Smart cities

  • International Case studies presentations
  • Challenges in implementation: Delebrations by Indian Smart cities CEO’s

Glimpses of Conference


Biggest players in the traffic and transport technology under one roof

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High Profile Professionals and industry experts under one roof

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Message From Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, India

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