Topics for the 3-day Conference at

Smart Mobility -TrafficInfraTech and Parking Infratech Expo 2018

  • International Solutions for New Mobility in India: Presentations and Panel Discussions
  • Transformative Mobility: Experts /panel discussions on ITS, EVs, Multi-modal integration, Big Data and shared mobility
  • Making Road Projects Viable: Analysing the various models and finding the best option for Private sector participation
  • Women In Traffic: Empowerment, Technology, Road safety and City Planning & Development for Safety.
  • Road Safety: Policies, enforcement, vehicle worthiness, automobile technology for Safety and Safety as a CSR.
  • Training for Traffic Police for effectively managing traffic.
  • India is still learning to Park: Need for better policies, design and technology. How are Smart Cities planners tackling the challenges?
  • Urban Mobility & Smart Cities
  • Self-driving Vehicles/ Autonomous Vehicles – future ahead
  • Sustainability in Urban Transportation – increase efficiency and reduce the environmental impact
  • AI, IoT, Blockchain, Drone in Traffic
  • Traffic infrastructure of the future – what the roads/ sky might look 30-40 years from now, and how we can solve the challenge of building fundamental infrastructure for today and the future

Conference Sessions 2017 Highlights